The Weber Dental Laboratory Inc.
                 Since 1928














1120 South Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY 41075
 (859)781-4600      1-888-781-4600


    Products We Offer to Dentist:

 Partial Dental Appliances HESA Appliance

Clear Acrylic Nightguards  EMA Teeth

     Full Dental Appliances


     The Process:

             #1Custom Tray

Choice of:











           #2 Occlusion Rims


Choice of:

Shellac Base Plates

Stabilized Base Plates






             #3 Set-up




Choices of teeth:








              #4 Finished Dental Appliances

Choices of Acrylic Shading:

Vitacrilic Hi-Impact Fibered

Ethnic Shading:

    - Coe Lor Mild

    - Coe Lor Moderate

    - Lucitone Dark

















Surgical Template - 

               for immediate appliance


1120 South Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY 41075
 (859)781-4600      1-888-781-4600

       * Traditional Hard

          - Choices of Acrylic Shading as in Finished Dental Appliances above.


       * Soft Liners

              - DURAsoft (Heat Cure)Soft Denture Liner produced

                             by Astron Dental Corporation


                    Its Properties included:

                         - Permanency

                              Fourteen years of clinical testing have shown that the              

                              DURAsoft Soft Liner maintain sufficient resiliency to still be

                              functional in the patient's mouth.


                         - Bond

                             The DURAsoft Soft Liner, when used with DURAsoft Bonding

                             Agent, will adhere to any clean denture base. 


                         - Color

                             The DURAsoft Soft Liner is furnished with a pleasing, fibered

                             pink color which is color stable and will not stain or discolor

                             with normal mouth usage and proper daily cleaning.


                         - Non-Allergenic


                         - Grinds Easily for Adjusting

                             The DURAsoft Soft Liner can be easily chair side with normal

                             carbide burrs and it eliminates the grinding and polishing

                             problems common to many soft liners now being sold.


                         - Cleaning

                             The DURAsoft Soft Liner is non-allergenic, but must be cleaned

                             carefully by the patient for maximum life.  Do not soak in

                             cleaning solution. Brush clean for several minutes. Then rinse

                             with clean, cold water.